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Stars Day Nurseries is a chain of Early Years Education settings based in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, UK. We opened our first setting, Little Stars Day Nursery, on Dogsthorpe Road in September 2003. Currently we run 10 settings in the Peterborough region. We are the largest childcare provider in Peterborough. Our success is based on delivering quality childcare at an affordable price and always working to achieve total customer satisfaction.

We hope that you will gain a good idea of what we have to offer by browsing through the website and if you would like to know more then please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Client Testimonials
  • Just a quick note to say thank you....Sharon, you and your team are fantastic. Not one morning my husband has had to leave behind a tearful baby, in fact barely gives dad a wave goodbye and when I pick her up, our daughter isn’t ready to leave. Thank you for providing our daughter with a happy friendly environment where Phoenix feels comfortable and safe.

    Kerry Webb
  • I would like to thankyou all at the nursery for the welcoming environment and encouragement given to H n in all things, especially in regards to his speech development.
    A very special thankyou goes to his key worker, Lesley who is a great key worker for H.
    He loves seeing her each time he comes to nursery and talks about her loads during the weekend.

    J will continue with the same days and i am sure he will continue to thrive.

    Parent's Letter
  • Thank you or everything you have done for Tyler and his development. He has enjoyed his time at your setting.

    I would just like to take this opportunity to thank you and all the staff at Bright Stars for the time Eva and Jacob have spent with you. It’s always emotional leaving your children and in the early days, in particular, I didn’t find it easy! The girls and yourself have always been wonderful which have helped. A very big thank you to Lesley who Eva has built a very strong bond with and adores 

    I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and the wonderful members of staff at “Kimmy’s Nursery”. Thank you for all the care and support you have provided for the past 3 years.

    We really appreciate all the support you have given us and it’s a shame to be saying goodbye.

    Many thanks to you and your team for the amazing work you have done with Brice all these years. I am pretty sure he will miss all of you and the Bright Stars setting as he moves onto his next milestone starting reception in September.

    Can we take this opportunity to thank you for providing a fantastic, safe environment for both our children to attend. Both Grace and Joe have never refused coming to nursery, and more often than not, run in from the front door, so happy to be there! Please pass on our gratitude to all members of your staffing team, including front office. Everyone is very approachable and have the needs of the children fully at hand. Everyone seems so energetic in what must be a full on job. We will definitely continue to recommend Bright Stars to anyone looking for childcare provision.

    I would like to thank all staff for their amazing job and care that you have given Evie over the past years. She has grown up a confident little girl with thanks to your staff.

    I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and all your staff for the care and attention that Tafara has received in your care. My only hope is that we will find another nursery that matches your outstanding standards. I would like to wish you all the very best for the future.

    Leavers comments 2015 from Parents
  • I’m very happy over all with him and how he’s settled. Abi really helped him as well as Jayne. He’s learning a lot, honestly seems happier and I’m happy too.

    I am pleased that Sophia has settled in well at Pre-school. She seems to have made some friends and her social skills are developing further.

    Happy with Ruby’s progress, she has made a lot of friends in here and got a lot more confident
    Hopefully by the time the term finishes she will be fully ready to start school
    Jack seems to have settled in well. I have no concerns. Jack always looks forward to coming to pre-school.

    Alyaan has improved a lot and he likes to come to Pre-school and play. He does talk when he goes home. Alyaan talks about new teacher Abi a lot. I’m very happy that Alyaan is happy.

    I think Jack is doing really well and I’m impressed with his progress at school.

    Lillie is doing really well and is very happy.

    I am pleased with Musa’s achievement so far at Pre-school

    I am really happy that Kebba is improving in his speech (English). He is settling well. This term he enjoys waking up and is willing to come to school. I love to see him getting on well with the children and teacher.

    Skylar is doing well at school. She enjoys pre-school and talks about her friend Ida and her key worker Rebecca. The Pre-school are doing well with her.

    Very happy with Christopher’s development since starting pre-school. He’s really improving with speech and confidence.

    We’re very pleased with Aaliyah’s progress. She likes pre-school and does tell me what she has learnt at Pre-school.

    It’s lovely to see Cauley getting on really well in Pre-school. The staff are brilliant as is Cauley’s key person Rebecca and they will all be greatly missed when Cauley goes on to school in September.

    Parents Perspectives
  • 'To a very special team, a big thank you for all the help, support and sense of humour that has been shown to us, as a family during Adam's time here. Adam has gained so much from attending Little Stars, his confidence has grown so much and the building blocks that have been laid down will stand him in good stead for the rest of his life. We will miss you. Our love and thanks to you all'.

    'I'm quite happy that i choose this nursery for my son, if i have another child i will put here at Little Stars Day Nursery'.
    'Thank you for your feedback on my child's development. This has helped me to encourage and support his development at home'.

    'Very happy overall with the education and learning environment. Excellent staff'.

    'My son really enjoy time spent in this nursery and i'm happy as well'.

    'My child attends the nursery for 4 years. She really enjoyed every moment there and likes everyone, friends and staff'.

    'We are happy with staff. Haider learnt a lot from nursery. Thank you for all your support'.

    'Always a warm welcome when you come into the nursery. All staff and management are friendly and approachable to help. Providing a balance of play and learning, easy for the children to understand and enjoy the learning'.

    'I'm more than happy with nursery, my first child so i didn't know what to expect. Will be back with second'.

    'Very pleased with Sania's progress at the nursery and transition into school. She has learnt a lot about being independent and socialising with her peers'.

    'Great staff and welcoming setting. Both of my children have been very happy here'.

    'We have had a great experience with Little Stars'.

    'Very happy with my child's progress. She has come on so well since starting, and is more confident and sociable'.

    'Thank you so much for all your support, care, time and hard work over the years. There isn't a better place for children to come after school. Caitlin has always been happy and entertained by loving and caring staff'.

    Parents Feedback - Leavers 2014
  • I would like to thank you and all your staff for your support of Ava and myself while she settled into your pre-school. You have all been fabulous.

    Words cannot express how grateful i am to you for your hard work. My child will miss each and every one of you dearly. Thank you so much and may you continue all the good things and your hard work.

    2014 Leavers comments
  • When I chose Stars Pre-School Ravensthorpe I was new to the area and did not know any other mums who I could ask for recommendations. In the end, believe it or not my choice was influenced by the nice climbing frame they had out in the garden! My decision turned out to be a good one. My son settled in well and made lots of new friends. He moved up to primary school with many of his friends and they are still together six years on. The staff are all very friendly, caring and down to earth people. They will sort out any issues (if possible) and will always keep you well informed. All three of my children have now come here and my youngest ‘graduated’ in the summer, so unfortunately I no longer need to go there, but will stop to chat or wave through the fence. I miss everyone at Stars Ravensthorpe and would definitely recommend them for your son or daughter.
    Helen mum to Jake (11) Katie (8) and Callum (5)

    Parent's View
  • On behalf of my wife and I, we would like to thank all the staff for their patience and care with our child. We would recommend your setting to anyone.

    Patience & Care
  • To the fantastic ladies,
    I know that not all of you have been there from the beginning but you have all been an amazing part of Jenny’s journey and progress through her time at stars. You have all helped her nurture her kind and caring nature and definitely helped her bring out her confident side. I remember feeling worried and guilty when I first dropped her off when she was just 14months old! But that soon went away when I saw how much she enjoyed herself and how much more confident she became in your care. Thank you for all so much for your time and patience through-out. Best wishes from Ellen Daniel and Jennifer

  • Bright Stars Day Nursery has provided everything and more for our daughters and have helped them shine and become the happy, outgoing, confident and bright young ladies that they are now. The staff made the daunting task of leaving J and S so much easier through their warmth, kindness and understanding. Above all the outstanding members of staff have kept our children, happy and secure.

    How good you guys are!!!!
  • Very much a home environment! Above my expectations! Great Job! Well done to all staff!

    We have really enjoyed all the time at this nursery!!!

    Anwaar has very much enjoyed his time in Bright Stars. As a parent, i can proudly say it is a very nice nursery.

    Khizar has had a wonderful time at the nursery and has learnt a lot and enjoyed every session. I am very happy with his progress and pleased with the support of all the staff. I have recommended Bright Stars to many of my friends and will continue to do so. Thankyou to everyone at Bright Stars. We will miss you!

    Aiesha has had a wonderful experience at your nursery. I am extremely pleased with her progress throughout her time at the nursery. Thank you to all the staff who have worked with her.

    I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and all your members of staff for all the wonderful work you have done with Timas. He has thoroughly enjoyed every minute of his time with you. Thanks to your high standards of teaching, we believe Timas is more than ready to take on his next challenge.

    I just want to thank you all for your wonderful start that you have given both Freya & Indya in their learning years and a huge thank you to all the staff.

    Let me take this opportunity to thank you and all the staff at Bright Stars for looking after Jake and his older brother, henry for the past four years. All of the key workers have been fantastic and both my boys enjoyed attending. Henry still talks fondly of Leslie and I'm sure that Jacob will be the same with Ghosia as he has already become attached to her. I wish you all the best for the future.

    We would like to express our deepest thanks to you and all the staff for making Seb's time at nursery and pre-school a comforting, fun and productive learning experience, which is everything we could have hoped for and more from a childcare setting. you do a fantastic job and Seb will miss you all greatly.

    Thank you for the help of the years with Emma and Sarah. You have been consistently reliable and supportive at all times.

    2014 Leaver's Comments from Parents
  • “The staff have always been helpful reference anything to do with my children, with school or personal. I have always felt comfortable and assured when my children attend.”

    “I think the staff are doing a fantastic job. They have helped my daughter settle in so nicely. She loves coming now and definitely enjoys herself. Everyone is always so helpful and always smiling!”

    “I like this nursery, my children back home are happy after nursery and are very talkative. My children like to play with Tamina. They like Tamina.”

    Parent's Comments
  • As a parent I am glad I chose Little Stars as is just a lovely nursery and my son always comes home happy.

    Kayla has absolutely loved coming to Little Stars and the staff have helped her learning and development and made her confidence grow ready for school.
    Thank s for having us. She has really grown in the nursery as a personality. Thank s to all the staff for all your work.

    I really like the staff and atmosphere of the nursery.

    Mya loved coming to nursery. She felt safe and whilst attending made fantastic progress. What more could I ask for?

    I am very happy with my child’s improvement by going to this nursery.

    We are very happy to have chosen the right place for our daughter: as the first place in which she shared other experiences with peers and adults. We are very grateful.
    We think Little Stars has been a fantastic setting for the short time Harry has been there and so glad he has come to you. We were so happy with the communication between you and his other childcare provider and it has been really helpful with the transition.

    Overall I am happy with the care provided at the nursery as my child’s English is improved as well as her confidence level is gone up.

    I am very happy because my child spent her time very well and happily and learn everything from here.

    I am happy with the learning provided by the teachers and carers at star nursery as I have seen a change in my child.

    I am very happy about the nursery, my son always wanted to go there, we will miss you a lot.

    Little Stars has been an excellent nursery. Ayesha has really developed well since she started at 7 months. I have had no concerns and would recommend the setting to others.

    I am very happy Nicole went to this nursery, just a shame she has to go to school, the girls are lovely.

  • “We are happy with the environment, we believe the school is secure and safe, friendly staff and good communication with parents”
    “Everyone is so friendly, I have attended a stay and play session and I am confident that my child be the best she can”.
    “Yes he is always wanting to go nursery”.

    Parent's Comments
  • I have been at Parnwell for 13 years and have taken over as manager in January 2019.
    I am very passionate about Parnwell and the community. I Have great relationships with families, and we all work together to give the children the best possible start to school life.

    Parnwell has paid a big part in the development of my career. The children and their families are fantastic to work with and like no other I have worked with before. - Maxine (Deputy Manager)


  • Very happy with my child’s experience at Little Stars Nursery. Lovely caring staff and nice setting.

    I am very happy with my son's development, I would like to thanks to all ladies for take care of my son for this all year.

    Parent's Comments - Leavers 2019
  • On my first visit to the nursery it was very welcoming, staff were friendly and lovely activities were in the rooms. I enjoy working at the setting, it has helped me progress in my career and the management are supportive and encouraging. - Diane

    Supportive & Encouraging
  • “You really have helped me, thank you so much I really am grateful”

    “Wow, I can’t believe you have done this for me, thank you”

    Food Bank
  • "The inevitable has happened,
    I handed my notice today.
    Robbie has to leave nursery
    & be off on his way.

    It wasn't something I chose to do,
    It's a legal requirement you see,
    For he has to start primary school
    & leave the BEST nursery

    Four years, he's been in your care,
    You've attended his every need.
    Laid perfect, solid foundations
    For him to progress & succeed.

    So thank you Little Stars
    For EVERYTHING you've done
    You're more than outstanding to me
    You're childcare's No.1!!!"

    Katie Keeley (Parent from Little Stars Nursery)
  • I was very anxious when it came to looking for a nursery because i wanted to find a place which would provide the type of care my children would have normally been receiving by their extended family. At Bright stars, we found exactly that. Good facilities, outside space but most importantly very friendly and caring staff. Helpful, caring and enthusiastic, willing to discuss any issues at any time and always working hard to provide a lovely, challenging, inspiring and safe environment for the children, which they spent the time to get to know as individuals. We are completely satisfied that the nursery we picked covered all aspects of our children's needs.

    Bright Stars is like an extended family!!
  • A heartfelt thank you to you all at Bright Stars from our family for the wonderful care, support and fun you have given Rafael over the last two years and Ellie for 3 years before that. Bright Stars Nursery is a very special place and has given our little ones a fantastic start in their life that we will always remember!!!!

    A Heartfelt Thank You!!
  • A big thank you to Emma and the team at the Pre-School, if it was not for them the day of my daughter’s assessment may have never come, thank you again for all your support.

    Thank you!
  • To all the staff at Stars Bushfield,

    Thank you so much for all your support, hard-work and care with Ted. He has thrived here and grown into a lovely , happy and confident boy. Thank you so much for the role you have all played.

    Love Carla

  • “I love the dinosaur eggs, inside there is a baby” TC aged 45 months

    “I made a mouse” IA aged 45 months

    “My Gruffalo has orange eyes” AA aged 42 months

    “He’s not nice, he has big teeth the Gruffalo” SS aged 40 months

    Children's Voice
  • My child has developed very well and grown within welland pre-school. He has a strong bond with key person but talks about all the staff. He has started to write his name and that’s all thanks to the preschool as we can’t get home to sit down at home! The preschool has done him the world of good, we can’t thank them enough!!

    We can't thank them enough!!
  • “Such a lovely preschool, we will miss you”

    “I like dancing and popping balloons”

    “ I love the cake”

    “Thank you for everything you have done for us”

    Leaver's Party July 2019
  • It is with sadness that F will be leaving as he has spent the last 4 years being cared for by some of the best people i have ever met and who have helped F develop into the sociable and confident little boy he is today. I have nothing but positive things to say about all the staff at Bright Stars and who i will have no hesitation to recommend to anyone asking for a trustworthy and caring nursery. F will be starting a new adventure at primary school but I know he will never forget his friends and his key carers.

    Starting a new adventure but he will never forget!!!
  • To everyone at Stars! Thank you so much for everything you have done for me over the years. There are not enough words to describe how much I will miss you all. These have been the best years of my life and I have met some amazing people.

    All my love always, Peggy xx

  • Stars Pre-School Dogsthorpe was rated “OUTSTANDING” by Ofsted in their recent inspection March 2017.
    “Children settle exceptionally well and are happy and content in this high quality, homely and nurturing environment. The pre-school is full of happy and inquisitive children, keen to explore and highly motivated to learn.”
    “Managers are very passionate about their work with the children and motivate the staff towards excellence. Leaders and staff are highly committed to achieving the best possible outcome for children. They meticulously analyse information about children’s achievements and develop intervention plans.”
    “All children are extremely well prepared for their next stage in learning, including going to school.”

  • At Bright Stars Day Nursery "The setting effectively promotes equality of opportunity and meets the needs of all children. The diversity of children, their families and their communities are valued and respected. Children across the nursery are encouraged to develop their skills so that they learn and keep themselves safe and well. Staff take time to get to know the children, to understand how they learn and devise individual learning programs for they key children. The tireless work of the providers and manager together with an exhaustive action plan for the future development, provide an outstanding platform for continuous improvement."

  • Thank you all for a lovely 2 weeks. You are honestly the most loveliest team I have ever met. You are all so kind and helpful to me. I could not have asked for a better two weeks. For the first time it made me strongly consider doing an apprenticeship, because I learnt so much as the work I was doing was a practical exercise and not out of a text book, which meant I remembered much, much more. I am hoping to do a two year apprenticeship focusing mainly on babies or possibly the pre-schoolers. My favourite room was the babies room I felt so welcome at your nursery, thank you. I enjoyed it so, so much Helena.

    Student - Helena
  • My daughter has been attending Bright Stars for over 3 years. I have always felt confident in the care my daughter has recieved and she has always enjoyed her time at nursery.
    I think the staff are all fantastic and the manager, Claire is very supportive and has a lovely rapport with the children. The staff are engaging, caring, enthusiastic, knowledgablevand my daughter has loved them all!
    I find the setting welcoming and homely and think the outside play areas are fantastic.
    I would not hesitate in recommending Bright Stars and i am grateful for all their hard work which has enabled me to go back to work withouthaving to worry about my daughter's wellbeing.
    Mrs Ferreira

    No hesitation!!
  • My son, Joshua has been at Bright Stars since he was 8 months old and he absolutely loves it there. As a parent, I am more than happy with the way Joshua is cared for at the nursery. From day one, all the staff have made him feel happy and at home and I am impressed with the range of activities that he takes part in (eg drawing, painting, baking, trips outside etc) all of which are beneficial to his development.
    I go out of my way to put Joshua in this nursery, as there are several closer to my place of work but I had such a good experience when my older son, Adam attended this nursery that I didn't want to send Joshua anywhere else.
    Bright Stars are very professional, I like that they are strict on health and safety (eg making sure other parents don't let people in, filling out medicine and accident forms etc) and everything is communicated to us parents well- all this enables me to go work feeling completely confident that Joshua is safe and well looked after.
    Overall, the way the staff interact with parents and each other creates a "family atmosphere which is very welcoming and reassuring.

    Family Atmosphere x
  • At the Stars Pre-School Ravensthorpe “Staff are committed to enhancing their own professional development. For example, they have attended training initiatives in communication, language & literacy which has enabled them to focus on all children’s language development and in particular, those for whom English is an additional language. Staff values the different backgrounds and cultures of the children attending. There are lots of positive images displayed around the setting as well as a lovely low level multicultural display of artefacts, traditional objects and festival celebrations”