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Plans to Let Nurseries Look After More Two-Year-Olds

Proposed changes to carer ratios for two-year-olds in England are being put to parents. What would the changes mean? How could they affect Peterborough-based childcare? We’re sharing the latest updates to keep parents informed.

Currently, one adult can care for up to four children in England. But now the government is looking to reduce costs for parents by adopting the Scottish model of having one adult watch over five toddlers.
The proposed changes would apply to both childminders and nurseries. The plan is to offer more flexibility to early years settings.
For childminders, they would be able to care for more than three children under the age of five if they are caring for siblings of children they already care for, or if the childminder is caring for their own baby or child.

Changes would also include making the Early Years Foundation Stage statutory framework (EYFS) explicit that “adequate supervision” while children are eating means that children must be in sight and hearing of an adult.

According to media reports, there are mixed reviews on whether changing the ratios would help parents save money and concerns have been voiced around safety and how this could impact the quality of care children receive at a critical stage in their development.

The Early Years Alliance charity reported that most nurseries and pre-schools were opposed and would not increase numbers.

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