June 2018

School Leavers…

Can all school leavers including funded children give 4 weeks’ notice in writing to the office. If children do not start school until later they are welcome to stay providing there are spaces but will no longer be funded so fees will apply.


Hot Weather…

Now the nice weather is with us again we ask that you apply sun cream to your child before coming to nursery and supply factor 50 sun cream for us to apply during the session. We also ask that you supply hats and appropriate clothing and footwear for the weather.


Parent Consultations…

Thank you to the parents who attended parent consultations last month. We hope you found these informative and welcome any feedback you might have. We will be holding consultations again towards the end of the year.


Mobile Phones…

Please can we remind all parents/carers that mobile phones are not to be used in the setting for calls, texts or photographs. You will be asked to put them away if seen by a member of staff. This is for the safety and well being of all our children.



If you have ordered any photographs from the nursery photographer these should be delivered in the next few weeks. The dead line for ordering photographs is Friday 8th June.


Baby Days App…

We recommend that all parents download the baby days app. This app is our form of communication with parents/carers. We post newsletters, and advise of events using this app. If you don’t have it on your phone you could miss out on information. If you would like any help with this then please ask.


Term Dates…

Term ends on Tuesday 24th July for term time children only and begins again on Thursday 6th September.


Theme Days...

We will be having some theme days in the room during June. These activities will take place during your child’s usual session. These dates are as follows


Baby Room-exploring zoo animals

Making animal masks and sock puppets.

Matching animals. Singing animal rhymes


Toddler Room/ Pre-school-  Fathers Day

Thursday 14th -Afternoon tea 4pm-5pm

Monday 18th -Breakfast 8am -9.30am


Birthday Celebrations...

The team at Bright Stars would like to wish a very magical birthday to



William 5th



Adam 9th



 Tiana 13th,Mustafa 25th



Nadiya 13th   


Outstanding May Fees.....

Need to be paid immediately or you will receive a late payment fee charge. All June fees need to be paid by Friday 29th or your child will be excluded from nursery.

If you have difficulty paying your fees, please arrange to see the director or account manager by making an appointment through the manager/deputy.


Thank-you for your time – Clair Simpson & Caroline Beaney (Nursery Managers).