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Parnwell – June 2021

Newsletter 11th June 2021

Hello and welcome back after a very sunny half term 😊

Please be reminded that all children must have sun cream applied before they come into preschool and have a sun hat and water bottle.

Full shoes must be worn as the children play with heavy brick and equipment in the garden. Shoulders must also be covered up to protect them from being burnt.

Tempest will be here Tuesday 22nd June to take photos of your children. This will be contactless

so staff will take the children through to the small room to have their picture taken. If you have siblings  that you want to be in the photos, then you will need to go round to the small room for 8.30am. If you have any questions, please speak with Lisa.

End of term plans

Monday 19th July will be the last day of term and we will be holding a teddy bear picnic in the garden for the children. The time for morning children will be 9.30-11 and for the afternoon children 12.30-2pm. Children who attend all day can choose whether to come in the morning or afternoon. All staff will take part in activities and games to play. Please note pre school will not be open as normal this day only the times stated above.

Tuesday 20th July 11-1am this time is for parents and children who will be leaving to go to school in September. You will receive a letter soon about what we have planned for the leavers do!

Also note preschool is closed on this day.