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What Should 3-4 Year Olds be Learning in Preschool?

As their introduction to education, preschool can have a significant impact on your child’s development. As well as providing a safe space for them to have fun and make friends, preschool plays a crucial role in preparing your little one for primary school – so it’s important that they’re introduced to the right subjects in the right way.

We recognise just how vital this time is for your child here at Stars Day Nurseries, which is why we’ve put together our very own curriculum: ASPIRE.

An introduction to ASPIRE

Built from the ground up by our team, in-line with the Department for Education (DfE)’s 2017 Early Years Foundation Stage Statutory Guidance, the ASPIRE curriculum has five key facets:

Be Ready

You can find out more about exactly what these strands mean by visiting our dedicated curriculum page. Alongside these key conceptual elements, the ASPIRE framework includes a selection of subjects to help prepare your child for formal education.

Subjects we cover

From growing and preparing food to learning about risk and challenge, family and traditions, nature and wildlife, our nurseries cover a whole host of subjects. As well as simply providing knowledge, we aim to help children appreciate and enjoy the world around them.

We encourage them to use their imagination and creativity, setting up sensory stimulation activities to inspire them. We organise fun play and exploration activities to foster your child’s natural curiosity, encouraging them to notice the world around them and helping them understand risks so that they keep out of trouble! Plus, we teach them about the environment and sustainability, helping them understand the importance of caring for the planet.

It really would be simpler to list what we don’t cover here at Stars Day Nurseries! With so much packed into our curriculum, we aim to give children a running start at education, allowing them to fulfill their potential from the word go.

If you’re looking for a preschool in Peterborough or Lincolnshire to give your child the best possible start to education, look no further than Stars Day Nurseries. View our nurseries today or find your nearest setting.