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What Makes A Good After-School Club?

If you’ve decided you want to enrol your child in an after-school club, you’ll want to know that you’re sending them to a supportive, engaging environment. In this guide, we’re sharing the criteria that makes a good after-school club so you choose the right one for your child.

Check Ofsted Ratings

If an after-school club is rated Outstanding by Ofsted, it means they uphold high standards of care, support and engagement for all the children they look after. At Stars Day, a number of our nurseries are rated Outstanding.

Engaging Activities

You’ll want to make sure your after-school club provides engaging activities in a pleasant setting. Booking a visit beforehand can help you get a feel for the environment. If giving your child access to indoor and outdoor activities is important to you, then it’s worth choosing a club that has an on-site area outdoors.

From arts and crafts and sport games to reading time, carers should be able to offer a wide range of activities that suit independent time and social development. Support for homework can also be offered, saving you time.

Flexible Opening Times

Often, parents are looking for after-school clubs as their work schedules overlap with the end of the school day. You’ll want to make sure the club offers later sessions if you need some flexibility. Many clubs are open from 8am – 6pm.

Food & Nutrition

To save time and ensure your child is eating enough in the day, you may want to find a club that provides snacks and meals. Some clubs will provide a breakfast club, serving up a nutritious meal to give them the best start to the day. If you’re looking for a club to serve food, check their food hygiene rating and what food is available.

Supports Funding

The Government has a number of funding supports, including the Holiday Activities & Food Scheme. If you are eligible for funding, check that your club is taking part.

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