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What Is A Before & After-School Club?

If you’re a busy, working parent, it can be difficult to organise childcare outside of school hours. Plus, with many schools finishing as early as 3pm, it can seem like mission impossible to pick your child up after work. That’s where before and after-school clubs come in handy.

In this article we’re explaining exactly what an after-school club is and how it could work for your schedule.

How Does After-School Care Work?

After-school care is more than just a club. Your child won’t just be able to participate in a range of engaging, fun activities, they can also enjoy healthy snacks and receive support for their homework and learning development.

Most will be located next to a primary school for convenience. You’ll find others in smaller villages, so you can easily drop off your child before commuting into work.
After-school clubs vary on what they offer. Some will offer snacks and meals prepared on-site. Some will provide on-site outdoor areas, others will just offer indoor activities.

Opening times can vary as well. Most will offer opening times between 8am – 6pm to suit working parents. If you need holiday care, you’ll want to find a nursery that continues to open in the holiday seasons.

Activities might include sports, games, reading, homework support, arts and crafts and more.

How To Enrol Your Child

If you would like to enrol your child, you can find a local club near you using the official Government website. If you live in the Peterborough area, you can contact the Stars Day team to find a suitable placement for your child at one of our award-winning nurseries.

Whether you need a breakfast club for your child, after-school care or both, Stars Day is proud to support working families. We also support a range of childcare funding which you can explore on our website.