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Parnwell-April 2021

Newsletter 16th April 2021

Welcome back to what is going to be a busy term. We have lots of exciting things planned for the children and with the new regulations we are able to go for walks around the local area. With the weather changing this will be great for the children to explore the outdoors. 😊

Welcome to all our new families this term, some of the children look so small and the older ones are being extremely helpful with them.


  • As always, this time of year children must come into preschool with sun cream already applied. For children staying all day they must bring in a named bottle so this can be applied again in the afternoon.
  • Children must bring a named hat in every session as the weather can be unpredictable.

If your child does not have a hat or sunscreen on you will be asked to take them home until they have. It is our responsibility to always ensure children’s safety and we do not want any burns to head, shoulders etc.

  • Summer wear must be safe so children can run freely and climb equipment. Please do not send children in with crocs or sandals. Full shoes must be worn. Children must also not wear vests; shoulders need to be protected from the sun whilst at preschool.
  • Please name all children’s items so these can be found easily. Coats, hats, bags, and bottles.
  • Water play will now be outside as well as inside, so children need plenty of spare clothes to change into.
  • If your child is in nappies, then please provide these and wipes. If there are non in the child’s bag, then you will be called to bring some in.

Reception allocation day!!!!

Please let us know what school your child has been accepted into so we can start the transition process.

Dates to remember

Unfortunately, the council will need to use the centre again as a polling station. They require the building for 3 days as per government guidance for ensuring everywhere is covid safe. This means that we will close on these 3 days. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Monday 3rd may – bank holiday – preschool closed.

Tuesday 4th may – preschool closed.

Wednesday 5th may – preschool closed.

Thursday 6th may – preschool closed.

Friday 7th may – preschool open as normal.

Core story

This terms core story will be The Gruffalo. Children have shown lots of interest in this book and enjoy taking part in the activities around this.

Thank you for your continued support this year.

The Preschool Team