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Bushfield-May 2021

Bushfield’s Newsletter

Staff changes/news

As you are not always getting to see all staff members due to the pandemic, we will be getting to know 1 staff member in each newsletter.

Staff holidays

Sharon is off Friday 21st May 2021.

Jamie’s is off w/c 24th May for the week.

Tiffany is off half term week.

Chelsea is off half term week.

Nursery closure dates

We close in line with the bank holidays this means we will be closed Monday 31st 2021.

Half term is the week commencing 31st May – 4th June. If your child is term time only and you need a space this week, please let a member of the management team know.


Please check the deadline date for your fees to be paid as you could risk a late fee. Please make sure you look at the deadline and ensure it is paid unless you already have an agreement in place. We accept bank transfers, or you can bring cash to the setting.


We are celebrating 1 birthday in the baby room and 4 birthdays in preschool.

If you would like a cake, please let me know and we will get this sorted. A donation is required for the cake.


If your child has symptoms, please make sure you are getting a PCR test, this means going to the test centre or ordering an at home test from the government website.

Lateral flows are not for people who have symptoms they are a routinely test to be taken at home to detect Asymptomatic people.

If you are getting your child tested, please let Becca or Sharon know.

As the restrictions are lifting for the safety of everyone, we will be asking you to continue to wear face masks when dropping off and picking up. Preschool will continue to use the side gate and babies will continue to use the baby room main door.

Thank you for you co operation in this.

Getting to know us!

Hi, my name is Becca, and I am the nursery manager. I have been working in childcare for 10 years I trained in a nursery in Cambridge and stayed with the company for many years. I then worked abroad for a year as a children’s rep before coming to Starts Day Nursery Bushfield. When I joined, I was room leader working my way up to Manager in 2019.

I love working with the children and families we have here it is a really rewarding. Seeing the children develop and grow and ensuring they have the tools for the next steps, is part of the reason I love my job. In my spear time I love to travel explore new places and spend time with my fiancé and friends.

We would like to say a massive THANK YOU to all our families for their support and patience during the last year.

We apricate every one of you!

Core stories

Every half term the children explore a new core story. The story is chosen by the children and incorporates activities they are exploring within the room.

Baby room – Dear Zoo

Pre-school – Super worm

Do you have these stories at home? Why not read them to your child and see how well they know them?


School placements

For all children going to school in September you should of found out where they will be attending in September please remember to accept the school place . If you applied late then you will find out your child’s placement on 18th May 2021.

Please let us know what school your child will be attending so we can liase with the school regarding your child’s progress etc.

Your child’s last day with us will be 20th July 2021 (Term time only) All year round children finish with us on August 31st 2021.

Gardening club

Leading on from the core story we have recently started a gardening club. We are growing potatoes onions flowers.

Over the coming weeks we will continue with this and hopefully they grow enough for us to try a potato.

30 hour funding code

If you are it receipt of 30-hour funding, remember that every 3 months you have to reconfirm your code, or it will expire and we will not be able to claim it. You should get an email reminder.

Family photo’s

Please can we ask that you email us a family picture. We would love to make some family books for all the children to share with their peers and staff.  Please email them in to [email protected] with a short description to who is in the picture.

Dates for the diary

Week 17th May Edi celebration week, we will have a range of activities to celebrate this and on Wednesday we will be having a party tea. Come dressed in your party wear and celebrate with us.

21st May 2021 National pizza party day The children will be making their own pizzas to eat at teatime or take home if they are not in for tea.

27 May 2021 Creativity day Come in your messy clothes because today we are getting creative there will be lots on offer so, please ensure your children come dressed in their old clothes (Just in case)

Gentle reminders

Please could you apply sun cream to your child before they come to nursery this will allow them o go straight outside and play during the summer. If you have not applied sun cream, then your child’s time in the garden may be limited until sun cream can be applied.

Please bring in spear clothes every time your child is in incase of accidents spillages etc.

Masks must be worn on drop off and collection this ensures the safety of you and our staff.

If your child is no going to be at nursery, please call and let us know. The office number is 01733 306043

Our session times are 8-1, 1-6 or 8-6 could we please ask that your children are picked up before the end of their session. Late fees will apply if your child is late being collected more than twice in a term.


We are wanting to expand out home corner and mud kitchen and we were wondering if any of our wonderful families have any of the following that they no longer need and would be willing to donate?

Kitchen pots pans, scales backing trays mixing bowls.

Table clothes placemats

Print in different languages that we could display.

Old clothes that you no longer need ideally in the ages 18months onwards.

Thank you in advance.