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Bushfield – March 2021

Welcome to our March newsletter!

Staff changes/news

As you are not always getting to see all staff members due to the pandemic, we will be featuring 1 member of staff in each newsletter.

Jamie will be joining our team in the pre-school room.  He has 6 years experience and we’re really looking forward to welcoming him to the team.

Sadly, Megan will be leaving us on the 10th of March 2021. She has been studying for a degree for the last 4 years and she will be joining a school closer to her home to pursue teaching. We wish her all the luck in the world.

Chelsea will be joining the Preschool room from the 8th March to keep the continuity for the younger children who have just moved through from the Baby room. Chelsea has been with us for just over a year and is extremely excited to join the Pre-school team.

Nicky will be joining the Baby room she has been working with the pre-school children for 18months and she is excited to take on the new challenge


Please check the deadline date for your fees to be paid as you could risk a late fee. Please make sure you look at the deadline and ensure it is paid unless you already have an agreement in place. We accept bank transfers, or you can bring cash to the setting.

Collection times

Our session times are 8-1, 1-6 or 8-6, could we please ask that your children are picked up before the end of their session. Late fees will apply if your child is late being collected more then twice in a week.

Getting to know us! 

Caroline has worked in childcare for 27 years taking a small gap when she had her own son. Caroline has been with us since October 2020 covering Laurens mat leave, she is level 3 qualified and has a first aid certificate.

Caroline loves running and has completed several half marathons. Once the world goes back to some sort of normal, she will be training for a full marathon. Caroline loves seeing the children grown and develop in confidence. She enjoys singing with the children and loves a story.

New COVID rules

From the 8th March children will be returning to school. We know some of you are still staying safe at home if you are wanting to return to nursery please contact the office on 01733 306043 to inform us so our ratios can be met.

Please continue to keep everyone safe by wearing a mask at drop off and collection. If you would like to speak with your child’s key person for longer than the handover time, please contact us and we can arrange a zoom meeting for you and your child’s key worker.


All weather clothing

As the weather can be so unpredictable, we do ask that you make sure that your children are still bringing clothing in for the weather. The room must remain ventilation all day as per the government guidance. Please pop in an extra layer just in case.

Core stories

Every month the children explore a new core story. The story is chosen by the children and incorporates activities they are exploring within the room.

Baby room – Guess how much I love you

Pre-school – The very hungry caterpillar

Do you have these stories at home? Why not read them to your child and see how well they know them?

Home Learning

We will be sending home a weekly task for you to do at home with your children as we feel this will really benefit the children and keep that strong link with Nursery. We would love it if you could ALL get involved and upload your homework to the Baby’s days app and let us know how the activity went! We have loved the videos that have been loaded so far.

Each week a member of the team will be either reading a story singing songs or doing something crafty, this is being shared on Facebook.

If you do not already, please follow us on Facebook search Stars day nursery Bushfield and click like.

Family photo’s

Please can we ask that you email us a family picture. We would love to make some family books for all the children to share with their peers and staff.  Please email them in to [email protected] with a short description of who is in the picture.

Review us!

On our door there is a QR code for daynurseries.co.uk, if you scan it while you wait and do us a small review – we would really appreciate it! Or just search for us and drop us a review.

30 hour funding code

If you are in receipt of 30-hour funding, remember that every 3 months you have to reconfirm your code, or it will expire and we will not be able to claim it. You should get an email reminder.

All about me questionnaire’s.

Have you returned yours yet? If not, please do so at your earliest convenience. If you need another copy, let a member of staff know and we will get you a new one.

Dates for your diary

Thursday the 4th March World book day The children are invited to come dressed as their favourite character from a book.

Mother’s Day 14th March – As restrictions are still in place for the time being, we will not be able to hold our usual Afternoon tea. This year we will be gifting an activity for you to do at home with your child/ren. This will be sent home the week leading up to Mother’s Day.

St Patricks day 17 March wear something green.

Red Nose Day 19th March we will be dressing up in colourful clothes please support us by joining in and donating a £1 Thank you.

Birthdays this month

We will be celebrating 2 children’s birthdays over the month of March.

If you would like to order a cake for your child’s birthday we will be happy to make one on site for a small fee please speak with a member of the Management team for more information.

Staff Holidays

Becca will be off Wednesday 18th – Friday 20th .

Sharon will be off week commencing 22nd March.


Becca and Sharon