Bright Stars Day Nursery – Newsletter: September 2022
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Bright Stars Day Nursery – Newsletter: September 2022

New term begins: 5th September 2022.
Half term: 24th-28th October 2022

Staff Shout Out: Rose and Kimmy!

Each month we will be celebrating a staff member for their achievements

We would like to say a big well done to our lovely Kimmy! She has successfully completed her Team leader course and we are very proud of her! We are also very proud of Rose, who has just signed up to complete her Level 3 in childcare! We all know she will smash it! WELL DONE GIRLS!😊 

Parent Feedback:

As you are aware, due to covid we haven’t had parents/carers coming into the setting to protect all children and staff from the covid virus. We have decided to gradually begin introducing parents back into the setting for feedback only for the time being. Please bear with us whilst we are getting into the swing of this. We do ask that you take your child’s belongings from their peg and baskets as you collect them, please. Feedback will only be given in the gardens for now whilst we are trialling this, you will be let in through the main door (toddlers/preschool) through the hallway and into the middle garden, please knock on the door of either toddler room or preschool room (depending what room your child is in) and a member of staff will bring your child out to you. 😊 Baby room will remain the same, please use the side gate entrance by ringing the doorbell and a member of staff will let you in. We feel that drop off time works well so we will keep that to door drop offs, as it has been for a few years now.


We would love to hear your feedback about your family’s experience with our setting! If you could spare just 2 minutes of your time to write us a review on the website, it really would mean the world to us! If you would prefer to do a handwritten review, we have postal cards in the main corridor, help yourself. Thank you – and a big thank you to all the lovely parents who have already reviewed us. 

We are asking for a family photo from all our lovely families, this is because each room will have a family board that the children can look at. This is also a helpful resource to use when settling new children into the setting as it can be reassuring for them to see their loved ones. You can bring it with you, upload to babysdays or attach it in an email to: [email protected] and we can print it off for you. Thanks so much!

We are re-introducing our travelling bear – Barnaby! He is our nursery teddy bear who loves to travel, and he would love to join in on any family holidays or family fun days. He has his own personal calendar so people can book him out to take with them. He comes with his own diary where he can write what he has been up to and space for lots of pictures. If you are interested in taking Barnaby on your travels, let us know and we can book him in ready!


⦁ We supply fresh drinking water and milk throughout the day to your child. However, we do recommend for you to bring in a named water bottle for your child to access throughout their session.
⦁ Please remember that the earliest we are open is 8am and that we close the setting at 6pm, this does not mean you have to come at those times it is just a reference to the earliest and latest you can drop off/pick up. We do ask that you come at least 5 minutes before the session ends (1pm or 6pm) to give us time to give you detailed feedback about your child’s day.
⦁ Please ensure that you bring in at least 3 nappies for your child’s session. If we must use a spare nappy, you will be charged £1 for each nappy used. Alternatively, you can bring in a pack of nappies and we can store them here.
⦁ Please make sure that you pay your nursery fees on time – unless discussed prior with Kirsty. Late payments or failure to pay will result in a late fee.
Please can we remind you – If your child receives 30-hour funding, you will need to re-confirm EVERY 3 months. If not, you could lose the funding.

Please remember that we are a NO nut setting, if your child is packed lunch, please check your child’s food labels to ensure that is does NOT contain nuts. We have multiple children with SEVERE nut allergies which can have the potential to become FATAL.

    Every month we focus on one core story and plan activities around it. The children love it, and they get so much from it. This month’s core stories are:
    Baby room – Owl babies
    Toddlers – Little bear
    Pre-school – Smartest giant in town
    Forest School – The Gruffalo
    If you have these stories at home, why not read them to your child this month?

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    • New term begins 5th September
    • 21st UN International Day of Peace
    • 25th Jewish New Year begins!


You should have all received your log in details for baby’s days now – we really do encourage you to go on and check it regularly as your child’s key person will do you a weekly message to let you know how they have been and you can reply on their too. If you are having trouble with logging in, please email me and I can sort it for you.
A reminder of those that are unsure of your log in, it is the parents first name with a capital letter and then password is the child’s name with a capital letter followed by the DOB in the 2-2-2 format for example:
Username: Kirsty
Password: Pickle120719

Stars of the week!  

Our stars of the week in August: 

Babies: Isla, Aliza and Haadi!

Toddlers: Jawad, Jessica & Enzi!

Preschool: Erin, Evie and Isaac! 

Staff: Amy, Kirsty, Kimmy & Lauren!




What have we got planned this month?

  • Free play in the forest
  • Reading our new core story – The Gruffalo!
  • Looking and caring after our allotment.
  • Summer wands
  • Bug hunts
  • Talking about summer
  • Sensory exploration

All our 3 and 4-year-olds will get time in the Forest School at least once a week to explore the wonderful area we have. Josh has lots planned for the Forest School this month so keep an eye on your child’s Babydays and Facebook for photos!


Birthday Cake

Who is celebrating a birthday this month?  

If you would like to order a cake, please ask a member of staff for a form so we can add it to our shopping for you. We hope you all have a lovely birthday!

Zayan turns 4 on the 1st September!
Tilly turns 1 on the 6th September!
Uzair turns 4 on the 19th September!
Jawad turns 4 on the 28th September!

If you would like to order a cake, please ask a member of staff for a form so we can add it to our shopping for you. We hope you all have a lovely birthday!


Have a look on our Facebook page to see what we have been up to and make sure you give us a like, just search for “Bright Stars Day Nursery”. We share lots on our page about activities we have been doing and any upcoming events etc. we wouldn’t want you to miss out, so please do give our page a like and turn on notifications


A MASSIVE thank you to all our lovely parents who have written us a review recently. We cannot tell you how much it means to us to read them; it honestly means the world to us. I know we keep asking you all to do one, it only takes a couple of minutes, and it helps to boost our review score on the website! Thank you so so much for those who have already completed one for us! 😊 To do yours, just log onto – Search for Bright Stars and add your review again. Thank you so much!


If you have any questions, please drop us an email or give us a call.
Thank you, Kirsty & Amy
[email protected]
  01733 343278