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What Are The Benefits Of After-School Clubs?

If you’re undecided on whether to send your child to an after-school club, we’re highlighting some of the benefits in this article.

Boost social development

Interacting with other children will help with their social skills. There will be plenty of opportunities for team games and your child may even make good friends. This can all contribute to your child developing into a happy and socially confident individual. This may be especially beneficial for children who don’t have siblings or where they live further away from their friendship circle.

Encourage further learning

Activities can also play a huge part in supporting academic learning and allow your child to explore their independent interests further.

Help your child unwind

A good after-school club will ensure your child feels supported and relaxed so they can unwind after their school day.

Homework support

All school children have homework, and this can quickly mount up. With regular attendance to an after-school club, carers can encourage your children to complete work before they go home. This means family time won’t be interrupted with school work, and you remove the headache of reminding your child to complete their work before bedtime.

Support individual interests

Carers should also support individual interests, allowing for independent learning, thinking and creativity. They will be able to try their hand at a new activity, or simply do what they would normally enjoy at home, such as reading or watching TV.

Should you send your child to an after-school club?

Your child can gain plenty of physical, social and wellbeing benefits from attending a supportive after-school club environment. If you’re interested in enrolling your child in an after-school club in Peterborough, contact the team at Stars Day to discuss a placement at one of our award-winning nurseries.