Pupil Premium

The Early Years Pupil Premium (EYPP) is additional funding for early years settings to improve the education they provide for disadvantaged 3- and 4-year-olds.

Pupil premium is used to purchase equipment and for staff training to support children in extending their learning.

Free Childcare for TWOS

Free childcare and early learning for two-year-olds is benefitting more children and families than ever before!

Eligible children can benefit from :

  • Up to 15 hours free childcare weekly over 38 weeks (term time only)


  • Up to 11 hours free childcare weekly spread across every week throughout the year

Click the following link to check your eligibility:


Free Childcare for Three and Four Year Olds

All three and four-year-old children can get 15 hours per week of free childcare and early years education, for 38 weeks per year. This is a total of 570 hours of free early education each year.

Free Entitlement

Your child can start free childcare in the term following your child’s third birthday, for a maximum of six terms before your child’s fifth birthday. This offer is fully inclusive of all children.

A child born on or between:

Will be eligible for a free place from:

1 April and 31 August

1 September following their third birthday

1 September and 31 December

1 January following their third birthday

1 January and 31 March

1 April following their third birthday

For more information click the following link:


30 Hours Free Childcare for Working Families

From September 2017, working parents with a three or four-year-old child will be entitled to an additional 570 hours of childcare per year, meaning their three or four-year old will be able to receive up to 1,140 hours free childcare and early education.

You may have heard of this as “30 hours free childcare”. Three and four-year-olds in eligible working families will get an additional 15 hours free childcare, equaling 30 hours free per week over 38 weeks of the year (term-time) or approximately 22 hours per week each week of the year.

Parents can apply through the following link: