Stars Day Nurseries are excited to announce we are now using the Childcare Software Package ‘Baby’s Days’ in our 10 settings across Peterborough.
Baby’s Days is an online Learning Journal and Management System and we are thrilled to be the first company to use their Unique System enabling us to have our own Stars Day Nurseries App in the App Store.
Our settings are now introducing parents and families to the System and our first setting to go Live to Parents was Stars Pre-school Welland.
We would like to thank Baby’s Days for all their hard work and support in making this possible. For more information on Baby’s Days go to:

Complete Parental Interaction

Baby's Days allows parents to securely connect and view their children's Diaries, Progress Achievement Dates, Photographs, Videos, Progress Notes, Observations, 2 Year Progress Check, Termly Reports, Photographs, Polices, Permissions, Short and Long Term Medications, Newsletters and Questionnaires

Parent's can also upload Observations, Next Steps, Photographs and Videos of their children and add comments on their child’s learning and achievements at Stars Day Nurseries.

Please see our Usage and Digital Images Policies for more details.


Baby’s Days launch at Stars Pre-school Welland

We have had a fantastic couple of evenings launching our new online App to parents. It has been a huge success and we would like to thank all our parent/carers for their continued support.  The comments that we have had have made us feel like our hard work and training has really had a positive impact on this setting and Stars Day Nurseries as a whole.

Parent’s quotes-

Mrs Emerton- “It’s Brilliant! I’m so impressed!!

N Anwar- “It’s so good, I won’t always get to see it but the option is always there!”

Our staff at Stars Preschool Welland, are so eager to get onto their tablets to see what they are doing with their children each morning. They think that’s its easier and love to see parent contributions and respond to them.

Already the parents are starting to make comments, upload photographs and are regularly checking in to see what is happening.


Baby’s Days launch at Shining Stars Pre-school

Shining Stars have received an amazingly positive response from our parents using the new system. We have found that the system has helped us to improve our service to parents and provide them with more photos of their children’s learning in Pre-school.

Parent’s Quotes:

“It’s been really valuable in supporting my son’s development and I can upload photos and videos too”

 “It’s very resourceful, I can see what my sons doing at nursery, which is great”


Baby’s Days launch at Stars Preschool Ravensthorpe

Ravensthorpe practitioners have received full training on the Baby’s Days system and now they are using it everyday the benefits have been fantastic. It’s so easy to use and enables us to see children’s learning and development and concentrate on their progress and achievements each day.

Parent’s Quotes:

 “Wow it’s really good, I can add on to it”   -   Faith’s mum

“Yeah it’s good it’s all on my phone”  -  Kallum’s mum

“Wow I like it”   -   Junior’s mum

“It looks good I’m not confident with technology”   -  Abbie’s mum and dad

“Yep I like it its good”   -   Yeshika’s mum

“That is good”   -   Asin’s mum

“I like it”   -   Jasmine’s mum