Baby Room - 3 months to 23 months

Babies and the youngest children learn best through having secure relationships and strong bonds. For this reason we put a lot of emphasis on one to one time with their key person, such as sharing a cuddle over a book or discovering various textures through messy play and treasure baskets. The youngest children are given freedom for exploration within their environment inside and out offering as many experiences that will help them to develop early life skills, such as feeding themselves, crawling, walking and early speech. We plan around the 3 Prime areas of a child’s learning and development, using both indoors and outdoors for this. Being secure in these areas better equips the children for their transition through to the Pre-School environment.

Pre-School Room 2 years to 5 years

In our Pre-School room we have the privilege of caring for some of the children for 2 or even 3 years. This gives us a good opportunity to develop strong relationships with these children. There are opportunities for close one to one time with your child’s key person and slowly building confidence in small group activities. Opportunities to explore, discover and investigate all kinds of things from how our bodies move and respond to physical exercise, how food and plants grow, to exploring messy activities and experiences, mark making and story time as well as the opportunity to free flow in and outside all day. All of our experiences are planned around the children so it is personal to each of them. For the younger ones that move through the baby room, our focus is primarily on the three Prime Areas of learning and development, but as they grow in  confidence and ability we can plan and focus on the specific areas of learning and development, which in turn helps to prepare each of them for their transition to big school.